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Billing Policy

Client Protection – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our clients place a large amount of trust in us when we are hired by the hour.  We appreciate that level of trust and never want to give our clients any concern that they are not getting their money’s worth, and more, from our services. TerraLens has client protections in place in its hourly billing policy:


  1. If you ever receive an invoice and have any questions about the time billed versus the progress made, please let us know within three days of invoice receipt. We will provide you with as detailed a progress report as possible regarding the tasks accomplished.

  2. If within three days of receiving the progress report, you believe you did not get your money’s worth for the hours billed, please pay for the portion of the invoice that represents your assessed value of the progress accomplished. This will be considered as payment in full for that invoice. (This option is only in place for three days after receiving the detailed progress report. Failure to disagree with the progress within this period will constitute acceptance of the full invoiced amount as payment due.) A disputed invoice will also serve as notice to discontinue hourly services.

Billable Time

When under an hourly billing relationship all time spent on your project will be billable, including initial website setup, development, task specific research, design, coding, documentation, communication time (emails, phone calls, video calls), content curation, photo shoots, photo editing, copy writing, and client requested travel. Time generally considered business overhead, like business development, invoicing, proposals, etc., will not be billable time. On occasion, we may take initiatives over and above the tasked scope. If approved, the time will be billed; if not approved, the work will be reversed and the time will not be billed.

Minimum billing increment is 0.25 hours.

Billing Period

For high intensity work, TerraLens will invoice hourly clients on a weekly basis, on Mondays, for the week’s time through the previous Sunday. Payment is requested within four business days.

For low intensity work or routine monthly services, invoicing will occur on the last day of each month, or may be delayed until sufficient billable time is accrued. This may result in infrequent invoices up to months apart. Once invoiced, payment is requested within four business days.



As work may continue during this accounts receivable time, payment, or questions are requested within a day or two of the invoice, so that the work does get too far ahead of any questions. Please submit your payments via Zelle®, our convenient online payment method, or contact us about where to mail a check.

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