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Serving those who serve nature and nurture our better nature

TerraLens provides one-stop, professional digital services to non-profits and nature-focused organizations that use digital content to fulfill their mission. We specialize in addressing the disorganization of digital content, inefficient use of metadata, ineffective or nonexistent management methodologies, and outdated content and photography.

Our clients span multiple sectors and disciplines including conservation, climate change adaptation, animal welfare, nature photography, disability support, humanitarian aid, and cultural tourism.


If your organization does not have dedicated content management specialists or lacks the staff capacity to support their digital needs, we are here to help! We offer schedule flexibility, expert time management and communication skills, and can accommodate pre-defined budgets.

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Helping organizations maintain their digital health

In 2015 Haley was hired by a global environmental organization to organize the photo library of one of their chapters. At the time, staff were spending hours sifting through tens of thousands of photos housed on hard drives, internal servers, and cloud storage platforms. And all the while, assets continued to pile up and get lost.


After four months, Haley had organized upwards of 30,000 digital images and created a streamlined digital asset database where staff could search for and download images for inclusion in communication and philanthropy materials. She also created an easy-to-follow management protocol for staff to contribute new photos in the future. The results were immediate: Staff spent significantly less time hunting down long-buried photos and the process of contributing new assets to the database became simpler, more efficient, and consistent.

It became apparent that many organizations faced similar challenges. Haley saw the need for improved digital content management and thoughtfully developed management methodologies as an opportunity to help additional non-profits and nature-focused organizations stay abreast with the ever-evolving digital landscape and allow them to focus more on their important work.

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TerraLens signifies a focus on nature and the lens through which we see the world.

Provide innovative and effective digital services to help non-profits and nature-focused organizations manage and use their digital content efficiently.

Serving those who serve nature and nurture our better nature, so they can achieve their mission and continue to make the world a better place.

Wonderfully Organized

Haley has a very structured and organized approach to information and website content management, and user communications, helping our team and the community we serve efficiently access large amounts of information. We are grateful for her continuing support in the success of the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) website.

Eric Mielbrecht

EcoAdapt, WA

A Great Resource

When clients transition to a Digital Asset Management solution, it can be daunting given that they have years worth of unorganized digital content. Haley has been a great resource for our clients. She’s not only an experienced archivist, but also experienced with our DAM solution. I’m confident that when I recommend her to a new client, they’re in good hands.

Erika Nortemann

Tandem Vault, CA

Highly Recommended

We hired Haley to organize thousands of photographs into a searchable, digital archive on a TNC approved platform. She came highly recommended by several other chapters and did not disappoint. The process went smoothly and Haley delivered a product that I was proud to share with my colleagues. I'd be glad to work with her again.

Timothy Mooney

The Nature Conservancy, RI

Meet Haley R. Pope

President & Owner

Haley grew up in Malaysia, Chile, South Africa, and the USA where she developed a passion for discovery and a desire to protect nature. She earned a M.S. in Zoology with a focus on marine ecology from Stellenbosch University in South Africa and a B.A. in Biology from Elon University in North Carolina. She has been a contributing writer for the North American Nature Photography Association and led international trips for Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Program up until the pandemic. Haley has been a writer since childhood, an avid nature and wildlife photographer for 10 years, and has a newfound passion for website design. A professional goal of hers is to build a network of trusted client relationships. Outside of work, she can be found hiking or trail running in the mountains, snorkeling along Washington's beautiful coast, baking, playing the piano, or trying to learn a new language!

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